Featured Products

	 Tudor Rose Skin Cream for All Skin Types 50ml VEGAN
This gorgeous cream will leave your skin dewy soft and well conditioned. Perfect for use as a day or night cream. This will easily go on right under your make-up and is suitable for all skin types.
Balm of Aloe 100% Pure Raw Aloe Vera Gel VEGAN
Aloe leaves contain a plethora of antioxidants including, beta carotene, vitamin C and E that can help improve the skin's natural firmness and keep the skin hydrated.
CLEARANCE! Mystery Blend Mixed Scented Bath Bomb Dozen *seconds*
Every week we make thousands of bath bombs and most of these are destined to head to one of our many stockists around the globe. Every batch we make always has one or two bombs spare, so we throw them together in mixed bags of one dozen. This is what you are getting...a mix of scents/colours/decorations. Each is individually labeled when possible but you may get the occasional true mystery.
Coco Mint Solid Shampoo Bar VEGAN SLS-Free
For intensely clean hair and scalp this is perfect! Cool minty peppermint and coconut butter pair up for a minty yet sweet clean scent. Great for all hair types.
Doggie Wash Natural Essential Oil Soap & Coat Wash VEGAN
We've designed this just for the doggies but it smells so great really anyone could use it. This helps keeps your best friend's coat conditioned, his skin moisturized and chases off biting, stinging critters. It's completely safe for both canine and feline use (and human) and non-toxic. The scent is fresh and clean with a blend of Lavender, Cedar & Orange essential oils.
Fantasy Island Fizzy Skull Bomb VEGAN
Tropical ylang ylang balances with sensual jasmine and hints of rose to form a rich floral accord which is surrounded with green leafy accents.
Germ Away Shower Steamer
Powerful anti-fungal and germ-killing! This blend of Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Lemon & Clove will zap any germ that dares to rear it's ugly head.
Moroccan Crowning Glory Solid Conditioning Bar w/ Argan Oil & Real Silk
This bar is deeply enriched with butters and oils that will hydrate your hair and leave it in silky splendor! Packed with goodness, this bar contains silk protein extracts and an extra dose of Moroccan Argan Oil.
Pencil Me In Fizzy Bath Bomb VEGAN
Need a little boost to the same old day on repeat? This will prove a true fave with fresh notes of blood orange blossoms and sea waves; followed by rose, sea lily flowers and sunny oak woody notes.
Sleepytime Shower Steamer
We all have trouble sleeping from time to time but it is well documented that a hot shower or bath before bedtime helps you to sleep better, deeper and more quickly.