Featured Products

Beach Head Sea Salt & Grapefruit Solid Shampoo Bar VEGAN
Do you love how your hair looks and feels after a day at the beach? Does your hair just lie there like a limp heavy thing with a tendency to oil slick? This is for you! Dead sea salt absorbs oils and adds volume making this solid shampoo bar perfect for hair that’s greasy or flat-looking. Coconut oil then conditions, moisturises and adds shine. The scent is bright and fresg with pink grapefruit essence.
CBD Oil – 10% Full Spectrum 1000mg (10ml) VEGAN
Containing a Full Spectrum CBD dose of 1000mg, One Life Foods® CBD 10% Oil offers a higher percentage of CBD (compared to our RAW Oil), and has been through two extra steps of processing
CBD Oil – Raw Full Spectrum 470mg (10ml) VEGAN
Containing a Full Spectrum CBD dose of 470mg, this oil is completely raw - it contains no additives, other than a carrier oil blend (organic olive oil and coconut MCT oil) to help make it less viscous and easier to consume. One Life Foods® RAW CBD Oil has not been decarboxylated, which means it is just as nature intended. All cannabinoids are intact (at their naturally occurring ratios) and our oil offers a higher incidence of terpenes/phytonutrients, minerals and amino acids than other products.
Draconis CBD 300mg Topical Salve VEGAN (safe for muscle aches & pain)
Draconis CBD Salve is an ancient Chinese formulation that has been used with much success for many years, it helps to calm and relax whilst helping to soothe the mind and body in a quick and simple application. Our essential oil blend is safe for painful muscles and inflamed joints. Each jar contain a full 300mg of High Spectrum CBD in a vegan natural base of Hemp, Olive, Cocoa Butter and Coconut Butter.
Selfie Queen Insta-Perfect Skin Smoothing Primer VEGAN
Give your daily routine a confidence boost with this lightweight make-up primer. Creating the ideal base in a single application. Selfie Queen Insta-Perfect Skin Smoothing Primer offers immediate tighter and firmer skin that feels silky smooth whilst instantly erasing fine lines and wrinkles.