Featured Products

Beauty Palmarosa, Geranium & Orange Natural Essential Oil Complexion GM Soap
Are you looking for a great all-around complexion soap that is friendly to any skin type and can be used daily...this is the one for you. Sweet Orange, Palmarosa and Geranium Essential Oils give a light floral scent to a rich moisturising goat milk soap and provide beautiful skin toning and clarifying without drying delicate facial skin.
Bee Bee Bumbles Deluxe Fizzy Bath Bomb VEGAN
Beautiful golden honey with sweet floral notes and a touch of butterscotch fragrance this gorgeous chunky bee. This is hand-finished and airbrushed with black detailing and pearly silver wings. These are not precise because they are hand-done.
Celtic Sea Silk Solid Conditioning Bar w/ Argan Oil &  Bladderwrack Seaweed
The scent is a light fresh oceany blend that smells not of perfume but of just fresh cleanness that will not clash with any scent that you wear. This bar is deeply enriched with butters and oils that will hydrate your hair and leave it in silky splendor! Packed with goodness, this bar contains seaweed and silk protein extracts.
Deep Space Nebula Deluxe Fizzy Bath Bomb VEGAN
A delicate, sensual, and soft fragrance like a star shooting across the heavens in a vibrant display of bright notes and mysterious depths. Floral, citrus, unisex and sharp herbals. This bomb is drizzled with natural Canadian mined mica in fuschia and silver tones and lightly sprinkled with iridescent veggie cellulose glitter.
Good Hair Day Aloe Butter & Green Tea 2-n-1 Shampoo Bar  SLS-free & VEGAN
Good Hair Day shampoo is packed full of natural ingredients that will treat your hair kindly and give it a much needed moisture-boost. This contains beautiful raw aloe vera, oat protein, grapefruit essential oil, and green tea oil that treat your hair to a luxurious experience. The scent is bright and fresh and full of citrus. Organic coconut & cocoa butter quench thirsty locks, while our coconut-based cleansers gently but effectively cleanse the hair and scalp.
Mystery Blend Mixed Scented Bath Bomb Dozen *seconds*
Every week we make thousands of bath bombs and most of these are destined to head to one of our many stockists around the globe. Every batch we make always has one or two bombs spare, so we throw them together in mixed bags of one dozen. This is what you are getting...a mix of scents/colours/decorations. Each is individually labeled when possible but you may get the occasional true mystery.
Oceanus Marine Renewal Skin Cleansing Cream
Finally a matching cleanser to enhance our very popular Oceanus Marine Renewal Skin Cream. This creamy cleanser will lather away make-up easily without stripping your skin of moisture. It works to enhance the effects of your skin cream and leaves you with beautifully soft clean skin. Silky-textured, this cream enhances skin appearance by combining Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Lupin Peptides, Icelandic Sea Kelp, Vitamin B3 and more, to moisturise and repair, so that lines and wrinkles are minimised. It brings the epidermis the nourishing elements necessary to help slow down the ageing process and repair damaged skin. It softens fine lines and delivers a youthful look, while enhancing moisture within epidermal layers.
Plum Darkness Ouija Board Fizzy Bath Bomb VEGAN
No need to worry about this Ouija board fizzy..it is completely harmless and cannot be used to contact any spirit realms. Beautifully detailed with shades of plum, deep blue, and touches of copper metallic. The scent~ Deep dark Damson plums,Persian violets and lily of the valley accent a woody base of sandalwood and cedar warmed by fire-blazed Baltic amber and tonka bean.
Pumpkin Spice Deluxe Bath Bomb VEGAN
A super rich and strong pumpkin loaded with caramel, brown sugar, whipped cream, french vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon and hints of maple sugar.
Sleepytime Aromatherapy Shower Steamer
We all have trouble sleeping from time to time but it is well documented that a hot shower or bath before bedtime helps you to sleep better, deeper and more quickly. This is a tried and true blend with oils of Lavender, Marjoram, Cedarwood, Sweet Orange, Chamomile and Valerian.
Xavier Dragon Egg  Fizzy Bath Bomb VEGAN
This lovely dragon hatchling is just breaking through his shell of beautiful gold, orange, and coral shades, lightly dusted with golden cosmetic veggie bio glitter. A light musk bouquet enhanced by exotic woods, with a slight hint of flowers. Words cannot do justice to this exquisite and haunting fragrance!